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Domney Books Launches as Cheerleader and Advisor to Upcoming Talent

By Charlotte Brook

With a wealth of experience from working within the publishing industry, first as a Bookseller at Waterstones and later with the team at Head of Zeus (Bloomsbury) and Canongate, Holly Domney is here to offer both established authors and debut voices all the editorial and publishing support they need before releasing their stories into the world, with the launch of her new commercial fiction business, Domney Books.

Photo from the Domney Books website

Domney Books offers invaluable editorial services for authors’ finished manuscripts, to prepare them for publication. For example, support with structural editing which involves providing feedback on key elements of the story, such as plot, structure and characterisation, copy-editing to ensure everything is grammatically in order, proofreading, strategising production plans and even helping to come up with a title! Services such as these can guide authors to completing their manuscripts, preparing them for submission to agents and publishing houses or even to self-publish their novels. It is an initiative which helps make the publishing industry more accessible for new voices and talent without needing to be signed with an agent; something that can change the game for so many under-represented authors.

Holly Domney says, “Too often the people element of publishing is forgotten. We don’t just deal in manuscripts. We’re dealing with masses of creative, emotional and intellectual energy that authors have invested in their stories.” It is clear that Domney has an in-depth understanding of the story beyond the words on the page and so it is no surprise that her manuscripts and services have already been selected by publishing houses, such as Head of Zeus and Joffe Books. Joffe’s publishing director, Kate Lyall-Grant, says Domney is an:

“Enthusiastic and perceptive editor, whose keen insights, eagle-eye for detail, in-depth knowledge and can-do attitude are invaluable in guiding authors through every stage of the editorial process, from pitch to publication.”

In addition to the publishing house clients already secured, Domney Books is supporting ten authors directly at launch. These include Sunday Times bestselling crime author David Mark and debut romance self-publisher Jamie Taylor, as well as eight other UK and US thriller, sci-fi and fantasy authors, all of whom cannot give enough praise to Holly and the dedication with which she commits to her authors as their biggest cheerleader and supporter.

The launch of Domney Books helps carve a path for so many authors on their journey, by both giving them the tools they need and in breaking down the barriers of exclusivity within the industry.


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