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Faber to Publish Barbie Screenplay

By Medha Godbole Singh

This Christmas promises to be extra special for those who were left wanting more after watching Barbie this summer. Faber, Mattel, Inc. and Warner Bros. Pictures have collaborated to infuse some warmth into this cold winter. They have announced the release of the Barbie movie screenplay, published by Faber. The announcement was made in the first week of December and the book is now available to pre-order. This is the first time the screenplay will be in print, and will appear as a 138-page paperback.

But the treat does not stop here. Fans will get a little something more from the screenplay, which will feature eight pages of photographs from Barbie and an exclusive introduction by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach.

For the unversed, the original Barbie screenplay was penned by Greta Gerwig (Little Women) and Noah Baumbach (Marriage Story). They have conjured a beautiful, personal and eccentric film inspired by the iconic Barbie Doll, a doll who has wooed her way to millions of hearts, from toddlers to pre-teens, for decades. According to Gerwig, as she told the Hollywood Reporter, developing the screenplay for Barbie was the “most fun” writing experience for her and Baumbach. A tantalising combination of curiosity and doubt led them to write the script after Margot Robbie, who plays the evergreen Barbie, approached them with the idea.

The fact that Gerwig and Baumbach enjoyed every bit of the writing process is evident in the witty one-liners and sparkling scenes from the lead stars. The film is all heart and colour and a homage to the perfection of human imperfection.

The world is still reeling from its Barbie hangover and so the book is sure to make a splash. For those who want to own this shiny and heartfelt piece of history, they can pre-order online or purchase the book from 14 December onwards in the UK and from 26 December onwards in the US.


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