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From TikTok to Bindery: two sisters, one journey

By Iqbal Hussain

Let’s start 2024 with Mireille and Elodie Lee, who have been taking TikTok by storm in the last two years as their @A Life of Literature Tiktok account has skyrocketed them to influencing stars.

What makes this growth even more incredible is that the sisters did it as teenagers: Mireille at eighteen-years-old and Elodie, having turned sixteen. Their work has not gone unnoticed by Bindery, a new up-and-coming publishing house.  

The sister's goal was to help get their peers into reading by showcasing their love of books and working over Instagram and TikTok, to build content to get their followers engaged and invested in books as much as they are. The proof is in what they have achieved and how best to mark this incredible journey, by making the jump into publishing.

Bindery's vision is simple, utilise influencers to find books they like, so they can pass this information to their followers. So as logic would seem, the best way is to get them on board at the beginning of the journey. They want to take potential readers/buyers on an experience that is documented by their team of influencers. From choosing a book, watching it be edited, artwork being created and then finally out there in the world for everyone to enjoy. Bindery will be making sure they choose the best books by bringing together a group of key influencers, including the sisters, into the new venture. The creation of the imprint is headed by Matt Kaye and Meghan Harvey, as they want to allow more unpublished authors to utilise all traditional parts of typical publishing with a modern social media twist.

By running the social media campaign – from searching for the best new read of 2024 with the help of this elite team of social media-Avengers, to release – they are creating an experience that will give them an edge over their more established traditional competitors. 


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