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Hidden Gems of the UK: Indie Bookshops for Every Niche

By Holly Presswell, Tamara Yamamoto and Nazifa Khan

For this edition, the bookshop team have teamed up to help you find the best indie bookshops in the UK for every niche…

Page 45 - 9 Market St, Nottingham, NG1 6HY

Found in Nottingham is Page 45, a bookshop opened with the goal ‘to bring the widest range of quality comics and graphic novels available into contact with as many new people as possible.’ They specialise in comics and graphic novels and hold an impressive collection of them to buy. Alongside the beautiful shop, the staff are always happy to help find recommendations on the shelves or order in for you. The shop has won awards for their hard work and Neil Gaiman also said, ‘it is the best graphic novel shop I’ve ever been to.’ Remember to check out their amazing website as well, designed like a comic book, keeping in theme!

The Second Shelf - 14 Smith’s Court, Soho, London, W1D 7DW

This bookshop works hard to sell and champion rare books, first editions and find lost work by women. They work hard to give women the fame and spotlight for their work that history has denied them over the years. Their goal ‘has always been to prioritise the opposite, and seek out work that has been overlooked, undervalued, forgotten and marginalised.’ As times have changed, they make sure to include work by transgender women and non-binary authors as well. The bookshop stocks all different types of books ranging from nature writing to theatre to art books, there is something for everyone.

Tales on Moon Lane - 5 Half Moon Ln, London, SE24 9JU

Tales on Moon Lane is a charming and delightful independent bookshop filled with a great and diverse selection of children’s books. It is a bright, colourful and welcoming shop with wonderful staff who are just as knowledgeable as they are enthusiastic about children’s literature and reading. The bookshop even has a storytelling cabin, the perfect place for children to get lost in new and exciting books, or even for you to sit down and read your all-time favourite classic children’s books. In the shop you can also find a range of cute and fluffy Jellycat toys, activity kits, Top Trumps, story characters, national book tokens and much more! The owner of this shop is Tamara Macfarlane who is also the author of the Amazing Esme series. Tales on Moon Lane also supports many charitable causes and is currently working with DoorStep, a charity that is dedicated to bringing the magic of books and reading into the homes of children who need our support.

Murder & Mayhem - 5 Lion Street, Hay-on-Wye, Wales, HR3 5AA

Murder & Mayhem is one of the most unique and atmospheric bookshops in the UK located in Hay-on-Wye in Wales. Specialising in thrilling literature, it offers a captivating collection of horror novels, crime fiction, thrillers and gothic masterpieces. The shop's exterior is embellished with eye-catching artwork and its comfortable interior includes a real log fire. Together, these attributes give it a charmingly spooky ambiance. Classic authors like Agatha Christie and iconic fictional figures like Sherlock Holmes are considerably popular in this bookshop. It also houses works from renowned gothic horror writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, ensuring a diverse range of chilling tales. Alongside true crime and ghost stories, Murder & Mayhem is a must-visit destination for lovers of dark and mysterious literature.

The Feminist Bookshop - 48 Upper N St, Brighton, BN1 3FH

As the name suggests, this is a bookshop showcasing everything feminism! Emerging from a small feminist book club, The Feminist Bookshop has established itself as a welcoming and compassionate independent bookshop in the heart of Brighton. Beyond just a bookshop, it collaborates with female-owned businesses who provide customers with delectable coffee and vegan baked goods. It captures the essence of exceptional bookshops that champion important causes and promote diversity. Above all, The Feminist Bookshop serves as a nurturing community space that both supports and showcases the works of women and non-binary identifying writers.

Within its shelves, visitors will discover a wide range of literary treasures. From children's books to graphic novels, fiction to memoirs and from history books to essays; the shop offers a diverse selection that attracts varied interests. The Feminist Bookshop recognises that promoting feminism is an act of activism and its commitment to empowerment and inclusivity makes it a truly exceptional literary haven.

From specialist comic books to incredible feminist literature championing diversity, to your all-time favourite classic children’s books, to gothic masterpieces, there is a vast collection of books and wonderfully niche bookshops just waiting to be discovered by you this summer!



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