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Indie Spotlight on Influx Press

By Elizabeth Haslam, Jess Fisher, Priyanka Joshi and William Swift


After a brief hiatus in 2023, Influx Press will soon be back to accepting acquisitions. This independent press has been publishing innovative and thought-provoking fiction for over ten years. 

Building upon its list of prize-winning books and authors, founder Gary Budden is excited to return to publishing with a renewed sense of purpose. Influx aims to continue finding and showcasing debut writers from around the world, re-printing neglected classics and working with established talents. Co-founder Kit Caless is stepping down from daily operations to focus on academia but will remain an editor.

After a period of rest and reconsideration, Influx’s philosophy of producing unique, important and fascinating literature will be enhanced by their new direction which centres around the reader. Influx has several new titles planned for 2024 and plans to fully resume operations by 2025. 


Upcoming Publications

Supplication by Nour Abi-Nakhoul (June 2024)

This powerful debut of literary horror tells the story of an unnamed protagonist emerging from captivity to discover a new reality filled with nightmares and mysteries. Set deep within the consciousness of a woman looking for meaning in a different and frightening world, this novel takes the reader through a terror-inducing narrative of alienation, fear and the quest for respite. The distinct authorial voice and hypnotic yet unsettling prose grab hold of the reader, as they travel with the protagonist through the night as she negotiates encounters with both judgemental and helpful figures. In true Influx fashion, this unique novel is filled with a mixture of gripping prose and offers wisdom about selfhood and trauma. Indeed, Gary Budden, founder of Influx Press, stated: “[T]his nightmarish and phantasmagoric novel [fits] perfectly with Influx’s remit to publish innovative and challenging new voices from all backgrounds.”


Generation Lost by Elizabeth Hand (September 2024)

The latest in Elizabeth Hand’s Cass Neary series, Generation Lost is a crime thriller that is both fierce and authentic. Since earning her fame as a New York photographer of the Seventies’ punk scene thirty years ago, Cass Neary has begun to drift into oblivion until an old acquaintance asks her to interview a recluse living on an island off the coast of Maine. Upon accepting this offer, Cass stumbles across an old crime still claiming victims and sees it as her shot at redemption. In this novel, Hand masterfully explores the fine line between artistic genius and madness as the bold and unforgettable anti-heroine navigates this inhospitable land. Hand hopes that both new and returning readers will find the “same dark joy and inspiration” in this book as she did in writing them.


Upholding The Future of Influx

The future of Influx is the prioritisation of the reader. Readers of all ages can expect new and republished work that combines the atmospheric themes they love with the local landscape, both in setting and distribution. Building on Influx’s history of publishing UK authors, the press has made great strides in acquiring work for UK readers that would otherwise be delayed by copyright discussions. While authors at Influx are treated with the professional courtesy expected of an independent press, this press serves the reader, acquiring the rights to both Supplication and Cass Neary and expanding the availability of paradigm shifting work – UK readers need not be left in the dark.

Founder Gary Budden expressed his excitement about bringing “challenging” literature to UK readers, recalling his own love of the Cass Neary novels, which had ‘“lodged firmly in his imagination.” While several of Cass Neary’s adventures take place in the UK, these novels were largely unavailable, lacking in both print frequency and promotion. This “literary homecoming” is an especially large step as the series brings gothic storytelling not only to the local bookstore, but also a local setting. With this in mind, Budden plans to steer Influx towards the experience of the reader, offering Hand’s series chronologically and in uniform editions, making it both more accessible and engaging. That Budden refers to these editions as “handsome” is all the more enticing. 

“I knew I wanted Influx to publish it in the UK,” writes Budden, on fellow upcoming publication Supplication. Budden and staff are committed to their literary community first and foremost. Based in North London, Influx benefits greatly from their small-scale, independent operation and finding themselves closer to their audience than the far-removed top publishing houses. Supplication is available in May through Penguin Random House, but this early acquisition means non-US readers will not miss out. Advance readers have praised Supplication, with author Heidi James writing “I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book all my adult life.” With Influx’s confident new direction, readers wait only for release, not rights.

The period of reflection, which has brought a renewed energy to  Influx Press, ended with a commitment to the publishing house’s original philosophy. Budden states, “The vision for the press is to continue to do what we do best.” With every new release, Influx continues to make waves in literature, publishing groundbreaking work. The future of Influx is, in short, more of what readers want to read. 




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