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Inside Publishing: Rebranding of the SYP Podcast

By Alicja Baranowska

Audio listening has been steadily growing in recent years, with audiobooks and podcasts increasing in popularity. Last year, there were over 15.6 million listeners in the UK alone and the number has more than doubled since 2018. Podcasts allow you to learn or keep updated on industry news while doing housework or going for a walk. For many, the appeal is in the length, accessibility and immediacy of the format.

The Society of Young Publishers (SYP) has always been striving to make the publishing industry more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience, including publishing hopefuls who wish to break into the industry. The Inside Publishing podcast is an ideal format to expand the SYP’s growing outreach and influence in the publishing industry.

SYP Oxford Co-Chair, Charlotte Parr, launched the SYP Oxford Podcast last year in order to introduce a variety of speakers to aspiring publishers who may not be able to attend publishing events in-person. As she says, “I think that this is an exciting step forward for the society as a whole. Audio is a booming format within the industry and it makes sense for us to include this, in our offering to aspiring publishers. We hope that this will make the SYP accessible to a wider range of people and help people understand the many facets of the industry.”

While many great changes have happened in the last few years, publishing is still largely concentrated in London. Initiatives such as the SYP podcast are therefore all the more important in improving industry access for talent in the UK and around the world.

With the pandemic limiting our ability to travel, initiatives such the SYP Oxford Podcast have become crucial to learn and keep updated on industry news and insights. The SYP Oxford Podcast has recently been rebranded as Inside Publishing, becoming an SYP-wide initiative this year. Caroline Guillet, also SYP Oxford Co-Chair, says that:

“By opening up the podcast to all SYP regional branches, we are hoping to offer our listeners a 360° view of publishing in the UK. From Oxford to Ireland, we show how the industry as a whole is shifting to a more inclusive and accessible model.”

Inclusivity and accessibility of publishing and publishing-related events are at the top of the Society of Young Publishers' agenda. With virtual events from all SYP branches, the podcast relaunch and annual conference organised by SYP Oxford later this year, there is much to look forward to.

Previous guests on the podcast have included Hachette UK CEO David Shelley, Aki Shiltz and Inspired Selection’s Suzy Astbury. The podcast aims to cover useful tips for getting into the publishing industry, coping with job rejections, interviewing, book job transparency, publishing insights and department-specific knowledge. The first episode of Inside Publishing was launched on Friday 14 May and there are more exciting episodes to come.

Rosy Webster, SYP Oxford Multimedia Officer, has been fundamental in rebranding the SYP podcast and creating exciting content for Inside Publishing. “It is important that our listeners not only have a professional and quality sounding podcast, but have access to relevant, educational and uplifting content,” she says, highlighting the need for the entertainment aspect of the podcast, especially during the trying times we are living now. “I think we’ve achieved that. It’s been an absolute pleasure to help create a platform for the many diverse and inspiring voices across the SYP,” Rosy adds. With lots of inspirational talks and interviews planned for the upcoming months, the SYP’s Inside Publishing is definitely not to be missed by anyone looking to get into publishing or wanting to learn more about the industry.

The Society of Young Publishers has branches in London, Oxford, the South West, the North, Scotland and Ireland, as well as a UK-wide committee. All will be curating specific and local content on the Inside Publishing podcast. All past and future episodes can be found on Apple, Spotify, Buzzsprout and anywhere else you usually consume your podcasts. Happy listening!

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