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Longer Days, Lighter Reads: April 2021 Releases

By Genevieve Bernard, Bayley Cornfield, Meg Jones and Laura Riordan.

Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny

April 13, HarperCollins

From the author of Standard Deviation comes this highly anticipated novel of love, tragedy and the most unconventional relationships. Meet Jane, who has fallen head over heels in love with the handsome and charming Duncan. He has everything going for him, but, unfortunately, she isn’t the first woman to feel this way about him. He is a serial seducer and, as it turns out, has slept with most of the women in Boyne City, Michigan. Jane is going to have to learn to share her new boyfriend. His ex-wife, Aggie, remains close to Duncan, his co-worker Jimmy is constantly making himself an inconvenient presence at Duncan’s flat and it seems to Jane that all the other residents of her city have something to say about her life choices. But all that Jane knows, and the future she had mapped out for herself, changes suddenly after a horrific accident. Her life is now inextricably woven with that of Duncan, Aggie and Jimmy, and Jane learns that sometimes the most unconventional of families make the best families of all.

This One Sky Day by Leone Ross April 15, Faber

Set in the fictional Caribbean archipelago of Popisho, where each resident has been granted a peculiar ‘gift,’ Leone Ross’ bewitching new novel charts the lives of an unusual and eccentric cast of characters across twenty-four hours. Xavier, illegitimate son of a God and suspect in his own wife’s murder, has been tasked with cooking a feast for the wedding of a corrupt Governor’s daughter. Anise, grieving mother and scorned wife, is intent on uncovering her husband’s infidelity.

As the two long-lost lovers attempt to make their way back to one another, a tale of regret, addiction, longing and love unfolds. A playful and political work of magical realism that speaks to the writing of Angela Carter and Gabriel García Márquez, This One Sky Day is, in Ross’s own words, a story “about the bad choices we make that we can change even at that final hour.”

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary April 29, Quercus

Beth O’Leary, bestselling author of The Flatshare and The Switch, delivers another incredibly witty and heartfelt novel with The Road Trip. A friend’s wedding has Addie planning for a fun road trip to Scotland with her sister, but her plans are wrecked when a careless driver slams into their car. Addie finds Dylan, her ex-boyfriend, in the driver's seat of his now-totalled car. She hasn’t spoken to him in two years but, when she realises Dylan and his friend were also on their way to the same wedding, she is forced to offer them a lift. Squashed amongst their luggage and their past, Addie is forced to confront the trauma of their break-up and the lingering feelings between them.

The Light of the Midnight Stars by Rena Rossner

April 15, Orbit

The Light of the Midnight Stars is an enchanting and beautiful tale of love, loss and sisterhood. It follows three sisters, Hannah, Sarah and Levana, who are all graced with magical gifts such as being able to read the path of the stars to uncover their secrets and the ability to control plant life and fire. But their story is overshadowed by the darkness that is slowly creeping across Europe and threatening Jewish people, as well as the sisters’ fates. To survive, they will have to make some difficult choices – and their decisions will change their family forever. Gripping and moving, Rossner’s novel is a must read this spring!


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