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New Year, New Reads

By Steph Carroll, Caitie Woolridge, Charlotte Horsfield and Rebecca Weigler

One Year After You by Shari Low

5 January 2024, Boldwood Books

Twenty hours. Four secrets. One unforgettable tale of love, loss and second chances.

Odette Davidson, Tress Walker, Noah Clark and Keli Clark are all consumed by betrayal. Odette is desperate to find out if she’s finally receiving payback for a lie she told forty years ago. On the day Tress gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, her husband dies in a car crash whilst he is with his mistress. Noah discovers that his wife has been having an affair with his best friend, leaving him devastated, but now she wants another chance. His sister, Keli, is ghosted by the man she loves with no reason as to why…until a message from a stranger gives her the truth she’s been searching for.

Can they forgive and forget? Can they open their hearts to love once more? Can Noah ever trust his wife again? Will Keli ensure the man she thought loved her receives the payback he deserves? Can Tress lower the protection around her heart and be open to love again? Can Odette discover the truth of whether one lie from decades ago is affecting her present? When you find yourself at a crossroads, only you can decide which path to take.

Unshrinking by Kate Manne

9 January 2024, Allen Lane

In a month known for dieting, Kate Manne presents her reflection on the culture surrounding body size. With research and analysis into how fatphobia developed and continues to pervade in our culture, Manne sheds light on the politics placed on body size. From assumptions of intellect and ability, Unshrinking examines how fatphobia crosses into all aspects of life and intersects with other social oppressions. Manne explores the ways that fatphobia impacts external and internal perception as well as the constraints that it places on an individual. This book gives a detailed review of how we view fatness in society and how it leads us to view and critique our own bodies.

Drawing on her own experiences with weight, Manne writes to question who we make decisions about our bodies for. Unshrinking suggests a “body reflexivity,” where we analyse who our bodies exist for to make decisions that are only for ourselves. Manne provides the tools to rethink our approach to bodies and to realise that it is society that must adapt for all body sizes and argues for a society that fits all bodies, not bodies to fit society.

The Fury by Alex Michaelides

1 February 2024, Penguin

Start off your literary year with a bang with The Fury. Set on a stunning, secretive and private Greek island, Lana Farrar, who is an ex-film star, invites a group of seven to reside with her. What appears to be the ideal chance for our narrator to make new friends, reunite with former ones and relax turns into a nightmare. Hidden amongst the seven guests lies a murderer planning their next crime.

Elliot Chase guides readers through this mysterious tale where nothing – from the scenery to any of the guests – is what they first seem. This is the perfect read to kickstart reading into an interesting 2024.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by Bettany Hughes

18 January 2024, Orion

As the new year starts, acclaimed historian Bettany Hughes takes readers on a journey around the world to see the creation, development and legacy of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Temple of Artemis, the Seven Ancient Wonders have been known to society for years, but what we don’t often see is the exciting and detailed stories that shaped these iconic landmarks. 

While most of these wonders are not still intact, the magnitude of their position in geographical and social history lives on, and Hughes weaves together a thrilling narrative using what we know from the past and the present to take us on a journey throughout time and our wonderful world. In addition to being an exploration of these ancient landmarks, Hughes also raises the question of why humans like to build wonder in the first place, why we remember history and why it has such an impact on our lives even in 2024 – for the adventurous spirit, or the curious mind?

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World will leave you packing for your next adventure around the world, or indeed, back to the past.


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