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New Year’s Reads-olutions

By Charlotte Horsfield, Caitie Woolridge, Rebecca Weigler and Steph Carroll

A Winter of Blood by Jack Cartwright

26 December, Chestnut Press

Do you want to be immersed in a Dicken’s Christmassy classic with a thoroughly modern twist firmly set during the Christmas period? The fallout from a Boxing Day tragedy leads experienced DCI, Charles Cook, facing a complex dilemma when the cold, dead body of eight-year-old, Harry Dickens, is discovered on a quiet country lane while his Aunt, Janice, who is herself fourth in line to inherit the family fortune also is reported missing. In the midst of grieving the Dickens family receive a sinister Christmas present alongside a deadly ransom: end their dynasty or Janice will be killed.

DCI Cook experiences disturbing decade-old memories that are linked with the Dickens’ family case that cause him to descend into a nightmare. However, young and aspiring DC Devon finds herself ready to utilise her detective skills to help Charles Cook to solve the case. The alliance formed by the two colleagues allows them to investigate the Dickens family and unearth the family’s terrible past that threatens to destroy the future. Can DCI Cook and DC Devon untangle the Dickens’ family dynamic in time to find Janice Dickens or will this case remain unsolved?

ADHD for Smart Ass Women: How to Fall in Love with Your Neurodivergent Brain by Tracy Otsuka

26 December, William Morris & Company

ADHD for Smart Ass Women presents an inspiring toolkit for women with ADHD to embrace what makes them unique. As a certified ADHD coach, Otsuka draws on her own experiences and explores the gender gap in ADHD diagnosis. Otsuka addresses a gap in knowledge beginning with how symptoms can present differently in women and tackles misinformation and stereotypes surrounding ADHD with expertise. The book focuses on practical strategies, empowerment and personal insight. 

Written in chapters designed for readers with ADHD, Otsuka presents her guide to making sense of your neurodivergent brain and learning how to harness your diagnosis. Otsuka takes humour and knowledge into ADHD for Smart Ass Women to give you the understanding and inspiration to use your ADHD as a superpower. ADHD for Smart Ass Women is an accessible and relatable companion for those starting out on their journey of self-discovery with ADHD.

On The Plus Side by Jenny L. Howe 

26 December, Griffin

After spending her life choosing to happily hide behind the scenes, Everly Winters finds herself stepping into a world outside of her comfort zone. Everly had traded her dreams of a career in art, to hide behind a desk in her office job, gradually becoming more accustomed to a life being unnoticed. When she is invited on to the next season of one of her favourite TV shows, On The Plus Side, everything starts to change. 

While the glitz and glamour is overwhelming at first, Everly soon finds herself embracing this new lifestyle, as well as a new connection with the grumpy cameraman, Logan. Chemistry begins to grow between the two, and when secrets wind up in front of the camera, Everly is faced with the biggest dilemma of her life. Filled with fun, comedy and a cast of captivating characters, this romance should take centre stage on your Christmas book wish list this year.

The Last Phone Booth in Manhattan by Beth Merlin and Danielle Modaffer

1 January, Amazon Publishing

Avery believed that she had it all, until her entire world came crashing down around her. Her picture-perfect life becomes a living nightmare when her charming fiancé turns out to be a fraudster. Avery finds herself in the last phone booth in Manhattan after being stranded without a phone outside federal prison on Christmas day. A mysterious voice on the line seemingly guides her to the doorstep of the boyfriend she’d long moved on from, or so she thought she had.

After a second encounter with the phone booth leads her to a life-changing audition for a role in Marley is Dead, a spin on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Avery is convinced that the phone booth is responsible for her change in fate. She has reunited with the one that got away, and landed an audition for a show that she realises has striking similarities to her own life. With this chance to rewrite her future, will Avery follow her heart, or pursue her dream whilst she deals with the ghosts of her past and unsteady ground of her present?

This heartwarming novel about past regrets, new beginnings, and old loves is the perfect read for this winter season.


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