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Online Bookshops

By Megan Burroughs

Sometimes, you see a bookshop via social media that you become so excited to visit, only to find it’s on the other side of the country. How about trying to find that one specific book for none of your local shops to have it in stock? If you’d like to maintain your support of independent bookshops, then these online stores are for you!



If you’re looking to shop online but still want to support independent bookshops, then Hive is the site for you. Since 2011, the site has worked passionately to support indie high-street booksellers by giving them an online presence as well as commission! After any sale made through Hive, you can select and support an independent bookshop to give a percentage of the sale. Hundreds of bookshops around the UK are connected through this site, meaning you can have your chosen book delivered (for free!), or you can pick it up locally.

Hive is not limited to books – you can browse for music, films, gifts and games. The site offers a student and 16-26 discount, a senior and a blue light discount to support as many people as possible in the book shopping community.

Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter to receive offers and updates from all over the UK!


Monster Bookshop

Founded in 2008, Monster Bookshop is an independent retailer focused on sustainability – all their products are packaged in recycled material. This site sells brand new and pre-loved books, as they believe in reducing carbon emissions by limiting the number of books that end up in landfills each year. They even have a recycling scheme that allows you to recycle unwanted books with them!

Over 6 million books are available on their site, with a plan to add eBooks to their inventory. You can browse a range of genres, from non-fiction to children’s books, with a description of the item’s condition before you buy. 

If you’re looking to support an independent and sustainable business, then make sure to check out Monster Bookshop online. 


Like Hive, Bookshop.Org is another site on a mission to support local and independent high-street bookshops across the UK financially. They understand that bookshops are community staples and key to bringing authors and readers together, but these shops deserve a larger share in the online shopping market. To combat this divide, they joined the two together! Readers can choose a specific bookshop to support for a year or contribute to an earnings pool that gets equally divided each month. 

If you’re stuck for inspiration, the site has a category for their Books of the Month or the Top 25 Indie Champions. There is something for everybody on Bookshop.Org, making it accessible to readers and booksellers alike. 



Biblio supports independent businesses not only in the UK but also around the world. Offering a selection of used, rare and out-of-print books, Biblio works with over 5,500 bookshops to support them directly through sales.

Biblio believes that a pre-loved, cherished book enriches its value and history – their collection aspires to deliver a “genuine experience that harkens back to the touch and smells of an old bookshop from a former time”. The site is also dedicated to environmental preservation, with a program called “ecosend” that works to offset carbon emissions produced in the shipping process. They are extremely environmentally forward, focusing on the green-conscious way to encourage the bookselling industry – more carbon-neutral information is on their page here.

Biblio understands that independent bookshops are the life of communities worldwide, and they rely on bibliophiles like yourselves to contribute to their supportive mission!



The Wordery site began with five passionate book-loving friends who wanted to change the face of online bookselling. They wanted to join the love of a bookstore with the convenience of online markets – but with free global delivery!

Wordery also works with national literacy charities to improve literacy in young people, partnering with a local primary school to promote the love of reading. They work closely with publishers, suppliers and authors to provide over 10 million titles online so that you can find the perfect book to indulge in.

Since 2012, Wordery has worked tirelessly to innovate and grow globally to provide every book-lover with the broadest range of books possible.

World of Books

World of Books (WoB) believes that “books shouldn’t cost the earth” and offers a sustainable, affordable alternative for those who want to save the planet and money. They also bulk-buy excess stock from charity shops that don’t make it to the shelves to avoid going to landfills, reducing waste and rehoming more books. The group is also carbon neutral, offsetting all the carbon they produce and working to be net zero by 2050. 

The World of Books Foundation is their independent charity that supports literacy and sustainability, working with other charities that support disadvantaged groups with limited access to books and other creative spaces. 100% of donations made to the WoB Foundation go directly to their causes and create positive environmental impacts.



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