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Partnership Publishing: Demystifying the Publishing Process

By Emma Regan, Hayley Gray, Jordan Maxwell Ridgway and Laura Ingate

This week, the Alternative Publishing team will be introducing an ambitious and spirited self-publishing company, Partnership Publishing, who aims to demystify the publishing process for new and aspiring authors. Partnership Publishing covers all of your self-publishing needs from taking your manuscript through each step towards publication (for example, editing, typesetting, proof-reading, cover design, illustrations and marketing) to even helping you create a unique style or brand within the imprint of your choice.

Partnership Publishing was created in 2003 as an author-focused self-publishing company with four imprints that cover various genres as a means of providing authors with the best chance of success for their novels. These imprints include Daisa Publishing (memoirs, poetry, fiction and non-fiction); Enigma Press (adult fiction); Lotus Books (well-being, eco and non-fiction) and Magic Mouse Books (children’s literature and picture books).

Within the process of Partnership Publishing, the team strives to be the safest pair of hands that can take an author’s manuscript forwards within the mystical world of publishing and create a book that the author has always dreamed of. Partnership Publishing aims to do so with a practice of mindfulness in every aspect of their process and also practise sustainable publishing to create ethical and holistic business choices.

Daisa Publishing focuses on producing books that cover a variety of genres, including memoirs, poetry, workbooks and reference books. They give the author full creative control from cover design through to final edits. Most recently, they published The Chronograph by Harriet Innes. In The Chronograph, protagonist Lorna is catapulted into the past to embark on a vital mission. As the fabric of time begins to fray, Lorna and friends are under pressure to save "the Chronograph" and time itself. Harriet Innes’ debut novel is available to buy now.

Magic Mouse believes children’s books should be inspirational, educational, motivational, magical and fun! They specifically focus on publishing children’s books and also run a ‘Beginner’s Guide To Publishing’ workshop which covers topics such as book development and marketing. Earlier this year, Magic Mouse published Tom The Young Wolf by Sebastian Stamate. The book is about a daring adventurer who loves nothing more than bedtime, where he can explore his beloved stories. The book provides children with the building blocks for understanding topics such as grievance, loss, bullying and deforestation, all whilst entertaining its readers with the animal kingdom. Magic Mouse have a variety of children’s books coming out this year including Annabelle’s Rainbow, which is available for pre-order.

While Daisa Publishing and Magic Mouse publish various genres, Enigma Press and Lotus Books solely publish fiction and non-fiction books, respectively. Enigma Press publishes adult fiction, including sub-genres such as romance, war, crime and whistle-blower books. The imprint welcomed itself into the world in November 2020, with its first release, Two Risky to Love by Lisa Jane Lordan, released thirteen days later. The book follows the passionate relationship between Lordan’s two main characters, Kara Davis and Evan Hamilton, and has since received two follow-up books, Two Much Trouble and Two Much to Lose. Other authors published under Enigma Press are Lorraine Buxton with A Second Chance and Mayfield Book Corner and Fanica S. Stamate with Vaccine in Love.

Lotus Books focuses on health and well-being, spirituality and personal development. It started teasing its imprint in January 2021 and released its first book, Love, Comfort, Passion, Craving by Ruchita Green, a cookbook which celebrates everyday heritage recipes from Indian cuisine, a month later. Since then, it has gone on to release five more books with authors such as Daisy Morgan, Rachel Matthews, Irene Ward and Kefah Bates.

If you search for Partnership Publishing wherever you get your podcasts, you can find short Q&A discussions with some of their published authors, in which authors discuss their journeys through writing, editing and discovering which publishing route worked for them. The latest episode covers Rachel Matthews’ The Mental Millionaire, a work which explores trauma and self-sabotage, ultimately exploring how finding a creative outlet can lead to healing.

You can find out more about the latest news with the company on their Instagram page, including recent publications and events they’re holding such as workshops.

Committed to combating climate change, the company is partnered with Ecologi to track their low carbon business and support reforestation projects. They have planted 1,300 trees so far and you can find out more about their work with Ecologi here.

Partnership Publishing is currently open for submissions. If you’ve written a book or are in the process of writing a book and would like to get in touch, you can email them at a synopsis of your work, a paragraph describing your publishing goals and your contact details. According to their Instagram, they accept all genres.



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