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Read with Pride: Upcoming Releases

By Bayley Cornfield, Sarah Ernestine, Meg Jones, Genevieve Bernard and Laura Riordan.

Filthy Animals by Brandon Taylor

June 24, Daunt Books

After the success of his Booker Prize-shortlisted debut novel, Real Life, Brandon Taylor turns his keen eye to short fiction. In ‘Potluck,’ the collection’s opener, a young man hesitantly re-enters society after being discharged from hospital, and soon finds himself embroiled in a couple’s complicated open relationship. As each subsequent interconnected story dances around these three central characters, a babysitter is pushed to the brink; underlying tensions among a group of teenage boys erupt into horrifying, unpredictable violence; people fall in and out of love; bodies break down and are broken.

Psychologically charged and brimming with beauty and pain, Filthy Animals captures the often unrelenting friction between our internal and external worlds.

The Queer Bible by Jack Guinness

June 17, HQ

From activist and founder of, Jack Guinness, comes a ground-breaking and inspiring collection of essays that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and the different queer leaders and activists there have been throughout history. These imaginative and original essays are written by icons like Elton John, Graham Norton and other celebrities – people revered for their activism and commitment to fighting for fair and equal rights for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. These writings celebrate different historical queer trailblazers who have creatively inspired these celebrities in their careers and personal lives, and alongside stunning artwork that celebrates queer artists, they come together to form an incredible celebration of queer culture that is not to be missed this June.

We Can Do Better Than This: 35 Voices on the Future of LGBTQ+ Rights, Edited by Amelia Abraham

June 6, Vintage

In this powerful collection of stories, thirty-five inspiring voices share their personal thoughts and visions for the future of how we can create a world that does better for the LGBTQ+ community. Edited by journalist and author Amelia Abraham we hear from a number of famous individuals including Olly Alexander, Beth Ditto, Owen Jones and many more. Moving from the UK and USA, through to Bangladesh and beyond, crucial questions are raised and explored in a way which is deeply moving and personal. In We Can Do Better Than This, the urgent issue of how we can create a world in which we achieve and strive for LGBTQ+ equality is tackled in a way that calls us to action, it is a vital guide to understanding the issues facing LGBTQ+ people today, and how we can work together to create a better, more inclusive future.

The Passing Playbook by Isaac Fitzsimons

June 1, Penguin Random House

Isaac Fitzsimons, a debut author from Washington DC, is releasing his first novel this June.

The Passing Playbook is the story we’ve been waiting for. Spencer Harris, a fifteen-year-old transgender teenager, transfers to a new school in Ohio after transitioning. He adjusts to life at the new school, makes new friends and tries out for the school soccer team. When Spencer is benched by his coach, he is forced to decide if he should publicly come out as transgender and fight for his place on the team. This book is perfect for fans of Love, Simon and high school sports stories. Grab your copy now to cheer for your new favourite soccer player!

Gearbreakers by Zoe Hana Mikuta

June 29, St Martin's Press

This pride month, Zoe Hana Mikuta’s debut novel Gearbreakers enters our orbit – a sapphic science fiction novel featuring a cybernetically enhanced pilot and a rebel soldier, caught on opposing sides of a great war. As the time runs out on their final mission, Eris and Sona learn they may be more than soldiers. They may be more than just friends... Gearbreakers is a compelling original story with dynamic world building and charismatic characters. It is the perfect summer read for fans of Marie Lu’s Legend series.

Afterlove by Tanya Byrne

July 22, Hodder Children’s Books

In this young adult supernatural love story, not even death can keep Ash and Poppy from one another. When she reaches the afterlife, the last things Ash can remember are car headlights, shattered glass and Poppy. She is to become a reaper, helping dead souls awaiting their fate. But, Ash can’t stop thinking about her first love and is desperate to find a way back to her. Ash resolves to see Poppy again, regardless of the cost or the length of time they can have together. In this choice between life, death and – above all – love, Ash and Poppy will reunite once more. Afterlove is an emotional read that will warm your heart, and then break it.


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