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Self-help Books in Spring: A Time for Renewal

By Brittany Holness, Holly Butterfield and Lucy O’Neill 


If there is any season that perfectly reflects the phrase, “out with the old and in with the new,” it would be spring. This season is the time of Easter, a time when animals begin to give birth and when flowers begin to blossom anew. It is no wonder that spring is often synonymous with the season of change, the season of growth and even the season of cleaning. With these positive connotations, spring is often representative of self-reflection with a view to creating a new version of ourselves, whether it be physically or mentally. Spring is therefore the perfect time to invest in self-help books and guides which will help in your journey to creating your best self. This week’s article focuses on some of the most recent releases that could help you not only on this journey, but to also help you learn more about self-care.


In today’s society, we are gaining more and more of an understanding of the importance of mental health. Mental health drives everything we do and is certainly something which should not be overlooked or neglected. Through the medium of books and reading, we are able to gain a wealth of knowledge on how to best look after ourselves and care for our minds. Self-help books aid us in gaining a deeper understanding of the world around us, a sympathy for the plights of others and a purpose within our place in the everyday. They help us to learn through another’s perspective and gain ideas that may never have otherwise crossed our minds. A book can be a wonderful tool for expanding our minds.


Build the Life you Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier by Oprah Winfrey and Arthur C. Brooks was recently published in September 2023. This book might be just what you need to bring in the spring season due to the insights provided by such an influential figure in pop culture. There are numerous topics that can assist with changing your mindset, some of which include improving your emotional intelligence, bettering your relationship with your family and even achieving the perfect work-life balance. The book can be accessed through various platforms, like as an eBook or an audiobook, so that you can listen as you get some of that spring cleaning done! This book is a definite read when investing in yourself this spring.


Another one on our list is Picturing Joy: Stories of Connection by George Lange. This one really emphasises the importance of holding on to that childlike joy and how this can impact our lives as adults. A slightly autobiographical book, this one can help you to reflect on your life, looking at how to hold on to or rediscover that childlike happiness that can only embolden adult life. 

Another self-help book to get you in the mood for a bit of self-improvement, is A Year in Practice: Seasonal Rituals and Prompts to Awaken Cycles of Creative Expression by Jacqueline Suskin. This one really delves into the necessity of creativity within our lives and the influence that it can have on our clarity. Suskin explores how creativity changes with the seasons and how we, as individuals, change alongside this. This book, by its very nature, looks at the ebb and flow of the seasons, making the start of spring the ideal time to pick it up. Plus, there’s a programme of techniques included for users to help guide them on their journey. 


For a more recently published book, why not try Me vs. Brain: An Overthinker’s Guide to Life by Hayley Morris, which was released in early February this year. Living in the 21st century comes with numerous challenges; there’s so much going on and it can be hard to quiet all those thoughts. If you find that you feel overwhelmed by all the goings-on in your head, then perhaps this one will help you find peace. Morris sets out to normalise everything, sharing a collection of all of her daily overthinking and how it’s just part of being human.


Self-growth is an important part of our experience and while there are several ways you can achieve this, books can often be a really good way to work through your thoughts, get great tips and live through someone else's personal experiences. While new releases are abundant, and there’s plenty of fiction to keep you entertained throughout the summer, a book or two from this list could help you on your journey of renewal.



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