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Shuffling of the Shelves: December Part Two

By Anais Aguilera, Amber Alexander, Katie Norris and Sophie Poirier

As we head into the second half of December, we have a wide variety on the shelves this week. From children’s fiction to memoirs, there is plenty to get your teeth stuck into in the new year.


Sarah Morgan is back with another feel-good romance this holiday season. Her newest novel, The Christmas Book Club, has soared to number one on Amazon’s Contemporary Romance and Romantic Comedy charts, and for good reason. It’s a classic snowed-in story set in a cosy inn, featuring a trio of lovable friends and a heart-warming romance. Grab a hot chocolate and a warm blanket before snuggling into this wintery read.

If thrilling police procedurals are more your speed, Stuart MacBride is back with another Scottish crime novel topping numerous charts since its February release. In The Dead of Winter, the snowy village of Glenfarach is where criminals are sent to live out the remainder of their sentences. So, when a retired policeman is found dead in a cabin, the entire town is sent into a frenzy. Can they get to the bottom of the case before another storm closes in? Enjoy MacBride’s dark humour and thrilling horror in a setting fitting for the season.


Children’s literature has made an appearance in the top 10 of WHSmith’s top 100 chart. Author Jeff Kinney is back with another Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. This time, Greg Heffley must save his middle school from being shut down for good or he will have to face a new middle school without his best friend, Rowley Jefferson. Will Greg and his classmates be able to save his school? Check out Kinney’s 18th book of the series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: No Brainer, to find out. 

Adventure seems to be a consistent theme in the charts this week. Illustrated by Adam Stower, David Walliams has recently published his book The Blunders, an absurd and hysterical children’s book about the Blunders family. Have your kids embark on a journey with the Blunders as they go through a series of adventures to save their house from the threat that has come upon it. 


The spotlight has never been far from Britney Spears, but having recently published her memoir, The Woman in Me, all eyes are back on her. In her emotional, controversial and compelling account of her experience as a global pop star, Britney Spears finally tells her story on her own terms. Covering themes from freedom, fame and motherhood, her memoir will take you on an incredible journey through the highs and lows, life and loss. If you’re one to crave the inside scoop of celebrity culture, Britney is here to let you in on all her secrets. 

Taking centre stage in Waterstones’ displays, having just won the Booker Prize 2023, is Paul Lynch’s Prophet Song. As Eilish fights to hold her family together, her beloved country and all that she knows falls apart around her. With her husband and eldest child gone, taken by the Irish Secret Police, Lynch’s novel offers a heart-wrenchingly bleak depiction of a country at war. 

Social Media 

Emily Henry’s novels always seem to cause a buzz on TikTok, and Book Lovers is no exception. The novel follows Nora, a bookworm who spends her days as a literary agent, helping her clients reach their dreams. She’s a far cry from the main characters that she loves to read about. But when Nora meets Charlie, an editor who’s more of the tall, dark and brooding type than the tall, dark and handsome, her story might change.

If you’re more into fantasy, check out The Spear Cuts Through Water by Simon Jimenez. Under the oppressive rule of the long-standing Moon Throne, two young men take it upon themselves to free an ancient god that the royal family has kept trapped for centuries. The family has inherited the god’s powers and used them to maintain complete control. The unlikely trio must set out on a journey for freedom, both for themselves and the rest of the land.

Noteworthy Author

British author Andy Maslen is known for gripping thrillers and crime novels – it’s no surprise that he lists Stephen King and Lee Child as two of his biggest writing influences. His most popular series follows DI Henry Ford through a series of eerie police cases in the quaint Wiltshire countryside. His newest novel, The Seventh Girl, marks the beginning of a new series for his fans to enjoy. DS Kat Ballantyne lost her best friend to a serial killer years ago – when the killer’s signature origami heart is found at the site of a new murder, Kat must do everything in her power to identify the murderer and avenge her best friend.


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