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Shuffling of the Shelves: February Part Two

By Anais Aguilera, Amber Alexander, Katie Norris and Sophie Poirier

Do you have some free time this week? Check out all the novels topping the charts, happy reading! 


Freida McFadden’s novel The Teacher has made its first appearance on Amazon’s Most Sold Books of the Week! Eve’s life as a maths teacher at Caseham High has been disrupted by a teacher-student scandal centring around one pupil, Addie. Despite the rumoured affair happening a year ago, Eve still thinks that something more profound lies beneath the rumours. Everyone says that Addie cannot be trusted. Is this true? Or do people not know the real Addie? 

First Lie Wins is a psychological thriller you won’t want to miss. Evie’s life is nothing but perfection - a beautiful home, charming boyfriend and a great group of friends. However, there is one problem. Evie does not exist. It’s a routine - she receives an identity and a target, and she must learn everything possible from her anonymous employer to complete her job. But what happens when someone comes to town claiming to be Evie's identity? What will the fake Evie do?


Shooting to number two on the WHSmith book charts is The Lucky Penny by Dilly Court. A newly released, historical romance novel, The Lucky Penny is sure to pull at your heartstrings. After being rescued from the hardships of the streets, only to have fate completely reverse her story, Flora must discover who she truly is alongside finding her own way. 

Past Lying by Val McDermid is the seventh in the series of Detective Karen Pirie. Set in Scotland, Detective Pirie re-opens a cold case that she thought had gotten the better of her. It isn’t until a manuscript turns up that bears a spooky resemblance to this case, that Pirie rethinks the case's clues. Can she solve it this time?


Longlisted for the Booker Prize 2023, In Ascension by Martin MacInnes has been gaining popularity in Waterstones. Telling the story of Leigh, enchanted by the underwater world from a young age, and her explorations of the deep sea. When a trench is discovered in the Atlantic Ocean, what she finds has the potential to change everything. 

Despite being published in 2010, One Day by David Nicholls is finding popularity again this month. What would life look like if you met the same person for one day every year? Only this one day for twenty years. The less you know about this book the better as you follow the whirlwind experience of Nicholl’s two protagonists, but it is sure to take you for a ride and pique your curiosity. 

Social Media

One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig is a popular fantasy novel on BookTok. The story’s protagonist, Elspeth Spindle, shares her life with the Nightmare, an ancient spirit that resides in her head. The monster protects her from harm, but there is always a price in life. Elspeth must team up with a man on the run to rid their kingdom of the dark magic that ensnares it. But as the darkness inside her own head takes over, Elspeth may have bigger problems to grapple with.

The much-anticipated novel, What Feasts at Night, the sequel to What Moves the Dead, released on 13 February and is already hitting the charts. T. Kingfisher draws readers back into Alex Easton’s gothic world for another spine-chilling adventure. This time, Easton arrives at their family’s hunting lodge to a dead caretaker, and rumours of a monster lurking in the shadows of both their house and mind.   

Noteworthy Author

American author Anita Kelly describes themself as a “writer of queer kissing books” - a description reflective of their bibliography. The six novels they’ve published since their 2020 debut are all fun, fresh romances with diverse casts of LGBTQIA+ characters. Their most recent novel, How You Get the Girl, was published earlier this month to brilliant reviews. Kelly’s previous novels have earned accolades such as the NPR Best Book of 2023 and made the USA Today must-read list. Fans of joyful queer romances should certainly consider picking up an Anita Kelly book as their next read!


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