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Shuffling of the Shelves: November Part One

By Anais Aguilera, Amber Alexander, Katie Norris and Sophie Poirier

November is the perfect month to curl up on the couch with a good book and a nice cup of tea. Happy reading!


It is impossible to view the charts and ignore the wave of popularity Richard Osman is soaking up. His most recent novel, The Last Devil to Die, is on Amazon’s bestseller list in physical, Kindle and audiobook form. As the fourth book in the much-beloved series The Thursday Murder Club, Osman’s new release follows the gang on a new and thrilling mystery. Incorporating Christmas, chills and comedy, The Last Devil to Die is the perfect read for the spooky and festive seasons.

Topping the fiction bestsellers, Sally Page’s new novel, The Book of Beginnings, is a heart-warming and uplifting read. It follows the story of distressed and broken-hearted Jo Sorsby. As she observes her customers and throws herself into her work, she might finally have the chance to find comfort and solace in these new connections. Discovering she isn’t the only one suffering from a broken heart could be the key to helping her heal if only she allows her newfound friends to use it.


Though it may not be Halloween season anymore, readers are clearly still in the mood for something a little darker. The colder weather is as good an excuse as any to cosy up with a blanket and hide from all those literary jump scares. If that sounds good to you, The Hike by Lucy Clarke might be worth a read. The novel follows four friends on a hike in the Norwegian wilderness. Amidst the beauty of nature, they stumble upon a dark mystery. A year ago, a woman disappeared in the same area, and they might be next.

Yet another genre perfect for the colder weather is historical fiction. Ken Follett is back with the latest instalment of the Kingsbridge series, The Armour of Light. The Kingsbridge series is a sweeping historical saga, with each book covering a different time period. There’s love, politics, family conflict and more waiting to be discovered.


Having been awarded Fiction Book of the Month 2023, Monica Heisey’s new book, Really Good, Actually, adorns not only the window displays of Waterstones but also has pride of place inside, with tables designated to the novel. Trying to navigate the surprise title of divorcée at only twenty-nine whilst also juggling a PhD and the financial stresses of living alone, Maggie’s constant reassurance that she’s “really good, actually” quickly unravels as she starts drinking, oversharing and taking up hobbies she would have scoffed at before. Filled with hilarious characters, witty one-liners and the heartbreaking reality that modern love is increasingly difficult to find, Heisey’s book has captivated many. Will you be one of them?

If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls and all things romance, then perhaps Laurie Gilmore’s The Pumpkin Spice Cafe will be for you. As the trees have started to turn amber and leaves litter the ground, Gilmore’s book has crept up the charts. The question is, will their love survive the gossip, or will they keep their distance and admire from afar?

Social Media

Are you not a fan of tea? That’s okay! Author Toshikazu Kawaguchi’s latest book, Before We Say Goodbye, will have you pouring coffee into a cup in the blink of an eye. Instagram users in the Bookstagram community have been raving about the recently published book. Like in his previous stories, Kawaguchi continues exploring the age-old question: What would you do if you could travel back in time? From the first book in the series, Before the Coffee Gets Cold, to now, readers indulge in four different stories that all revolve around the same questions: How far back would you travel in time? Most importantly, who would you visit?

Are you in a gothic horror mood? Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s novel Mexican Gothic is the perfect book for you. The novel’s engaging prose has raised an uproar in the BookTok community, and it will keep you sucked into this classic Gothic horror. Main character Noemí Taboada finds herself in a situation unlike anything she is used to. As a chic and glamorous, but also tough and intelligent debutante, Noemí must venture to the Mexican countryside and get her hands dirty in order to help her newlywed cousin escape an unexplained doom. Taking place in the house of High Place in the countryside, Noemí must uncover the violent horror stories of the house and her family history.

Noteworthy Author

Thea Guanzon made a name for herself last month after her debut novel, The Hurricane Wars, broke into multiple bestseller lists and generated a ton of social media buzz. Guanzon began her writing journey with Star Wars fanfiction before breaking into traditional publishing and even wrote an official Star Wars short story for From a Certain View: Return of the Jedi. The Hurricane Wars has received praise for its unique magic system, steamy romance and immersive worldbuilding inspired by Southeast Asia. Fans of romantic fantasy will definitely want to keep an eye out for Guanzon’s future works.


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