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Spotlight On: Cranthorpe Millner

By Priyanka Joshi, Elizabeth Haslam, Hannah Emery and William Swift

Cranthorpe Millner is an independent publisher determined to re-write the traditional trajectory of becoming a published author. Recognising that there is no longer a single route to publication, they are passionate about removing barriers for emerging authors. Operating on a hybrid financial model, this indie publishing house provides a variety of routes for authors to get published and see different fiscal contributions and compensation for their dedication.

With just fifty authors in their catalogue, Cranthorpe Millner aims to stay small, releasing around twenty to forty titles per year, with a focus on maintaining strong and positive relationships with their authors. With the mission of publishing beautifully written books, Cranthorpe Millner stands out as an exciting indie publisher with a refreshing approach to emerging authors.

Notable Releases

Song of the Sea by Mya Roberts

Mya Roberts’ Song of the Sea tells the compelling story of Elsie, a lively young woman who travels from Guernsey to Nova Scotia to join her husband in 1755. Longlisted for the 2019 Mslexia novel writing competition, this story of one woman’s courage, resilience and will to survive is encased in entrancing descriptions of Canadian scenery that capture the imagination. As Elsie’s dreams of adventure are realised, so too are moments of fear, loss, passion and beauty. Elsie’s arrival in Nova Scotia signals the end of a long sea voyage but the start of an arduous journey of self-discovery. Praised for the extensive research that went into this novel, Song of the Sea is a fictional account interwoven with historical events that give voice to the role of women in the New World around the turn of the nineteenth century. Roberts beautifully plays with the sea as a uniting and dominant force in Elsie’s life, as it was for many who braved a voyage across the ocean.

Forewarned: Tales of a Woman at War… With the Military System by Diane Allen

Written by Lieutenant-Colonel (Retd) Diane Allen, with thirty years’ experience in the UK Armed Forces, Forewarned is a powerful and thought-provoking account of a woman’s experience in the army. In a reveal-all narrative, Allen describes the misogynistic and outdated systems within the Forces with decision and clarity. Serving in Northern Ireland, Germany and the Reserves, Allen rose through the ranks into senior leadership roles, but each success was met with resistance from those above her. This comical, heartbreaking and honest book shines a light on the problematic interaction between leadership and sexual discrimination within the Armed Forces. Not only does Allen highlight the significant obstacles facing women in the army, but she also calls for change, offering clear and straightforward solutions to increase diversity, flexibility and modernisation within the military. Beyond this publication, Allen’s website includes regular articles on overcoming the struggles of being a woman in the British Military.

Recent Releases: Stacey Dighton and Peter Wise

The Faraway People is one of Cranthorpe Millner’s most twisted tales, combining the claustrophobic horror of a failing marriage with the mysterious happenings of a pagan community. Stacey Dighton, for whom The Faraway People was a fourth novel, claims to draw inspiration from the memory of reading Roald Dahl’s The Witches for the first time as a child. All three of Dighton’s previous novels have been published with Cranthorpe Millner and all showcase his talents with investigative horror. Far from relying on the surreal, Dighton weaves complicated plots that use narrative main characters to “solve” the supernatural. However, The Faraway People’s Halloween debut is Dighton’s first work with characters not trained in investigative arts and thus far, has proven to be a promising continuation of his career’s work.

Cranthorpe Millner’s second spooky-timed release, Disturbing the Water, also features, in part, the Cornish landscape experienced in The Faraway People. However, where The Faraway People exploits claustrophobia and isolation, Disturbing the Water explores the setting, bringing fear around the world. With this anthology, Peter Wise reminds readers that our planet is 70% water and where there is water, there is the potential for ghosts. Readers are invited to join Wise as he traverses history from the English Civil War to modern-day Ukraine.

Timed to perfection, each of these new releases from Cranthorpe Millner is original, twisted and wonderfully received – future Cranthorpe releases will be highly anticipated and have quite a pair to follow.

The market-side of Cranthorpe Millner’s publishing house encourages applicants of every background with shared-risk, high royalty options as well as industry standard rates. As with every indie publishing house catering to the needs of diverse authors, Cranthorpe Millner contributes to the wealth of fantastic writing from independent authors more and more with each passing year and if these new and notable releases are any indication, is a model that could prove useful for the future of the publishing industry.


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