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Stephen King and Rizzoli to Enter the UK Market

By Iqbal Hussain 

Stephen King, an established name in the publishing industry due to his role as Managing Director at Hardie Grant, is now shaking up the world of books once again following his recent appointment at Rizzoli.

The Rizzoli International Publications was founded in New York and is now determined to branch out into the UK market. Having started as a humble bookstore in 1964, Rizzoli is known for beautiful, illustrated books that appeal to all. It is now starting its journey across the pond and is looking at hiring a new team for its London office.

The UK arm has been set up to develop original new titles, focusing on building on the Rizzoli Universe imprint, which is known for its wellness, pop culture and food books. Its new team is working in tandem with the New York arm.

Rizzoli is known for its stunning coffee books and the famed Rizzoli Bookstore, which is known as the foremost independent bookseller in the States. It has been well-established in the United States of America, Canada and Latin America, focusing on books on humour, beauty, sports, performing arts, and gay and alternative lifestyles. It also has a highly successful calendar program.

The company now aims to take advantage of the demand for beautifully designed and illustrated books in the UK market. With social media's ever-growing focus on these types of books, it’s no wonder that Rizzoli wants to use its expertise to carve a piece of the market for itself and its expanding organisation.

Rizzoli’s entry into the UK speaks volumes to the naysayers who believe that the publishing industry is losing its growth potential. Readers' preferred formats have changed, allowing the industry to evolve rapidly to keep up with their appetites. It will be interesting to see Rizzoli make its mark on the industry.



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