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SYP Launches 2023 Inclusivity Survey

The Society of Young Publishers’ biannual inclusivity survey returns in 2023, in continuing efforts to shape and develop ongoing inclusivity initiatives. This marks the first survey since COVID-19 lockdown measures were lifted, and as such it is an important time to overview the society’s practices in line with changing times.

The SYP is made up of eight branches covering the UK and Northern Ireland, and offers free access to their mentorship scheme, podcast, and blog. Those who hold a membership also have access to free or reduced in price event tickets, a quarterly InPrint magazine subscription, partner discounts on subscriptions and courses, and a dedicated job board and resource centre.

The inclusivity survey is a cross-branch collaborative effort to help better understand the SYP’s membership and community demographics, needs, and expectations. Participation in the survey is completely anonymous and is a chance for both members and non-members to share their opinion on the organisation as a whole, its inclusivity and accessibility, and any opportunities for improvement. It consists of twenty-six questions and should take no longer than ten minutes to complete. Results of the survey will be used to inform best practices moving forward, including improving the accessibility and range of activities the SYP offers to its members.

Siobhan Humphries, co-chair of the SYP UK, said: "Our inclusivity survey is an important opportunity for us as an organisation to reflect upon our current practices and offerings; putting into practice the feedback we receive is equally as important so that we can best serve our community. This all starts with sparing ten minutes completing our survey. Your input is not only wanted, but valued."

Michaela O’Callaghan, co-chair of the SYP UK, added: "At the Society of Young Publishers, we continuously look to how we can develop a programme of events, resources, and initiatives that help the industry feel like a more accessible and inclusive place. With eight branches we are in a unique position to support publishing hopefuls and professionals across a variety of locations. However, there is a lot more we can do to improve the content and initiatives we run."

Committee members and non-members alike are invited to partake. If you have any questions, please get in touch with for more information. The inclusivity survey is live from 18 September until 18 October.

Complete the survey here.



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