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Upcoming Publishing Events (20 December to 16 January)

By Isobel Edmondson and Fernanda de Madariaga

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Club

21 December, 7:00–8:00 p.m.

Waterstones, Ballymena

Waterstones unites book fanatics just like you, and in this event, they all come together for the next book club meeting. Don't hesitate to come along and enjoy an immersing, non-stop book talk. This month, the club will be reading Illuminations by Alan Moore. The book encompasses a set of fantastic short stories, from sci-fi to a more mystical range, and is sure to keep you hooked and committed during the busy holidays. The event will include a book discussion and some sweet treats to accompany the evening. Whether you are just looking to go over the book or if you actually want to become a member, this one's for you. For more information and tickets for the event, click here.

Amy's Eclectic Reads: A Book Club for the Curious

02 January, 6:00–7:30 p.m.

Waterstones, Cambridge

With the year over and a new one on the run, Waterstones Cambridge offers a very cosy yet revitalising way to start the year. This book club reunion is a fresh way to set in your goals from the get-go and interact with those looking forward to the same. The meeting will discuss A Very Murderous Christmas, a collection of short stories by various authors set around the enthralling mixture of terror and festivities. On top of this, the event will be held online, which means you will not have to leave the warmth of your home and will still be able to engage in enthusiastic conversation with others just as excited. For more information or tickets for the event, click here.

In Conversation with Ed Winters

08 January, 6:30 p.m.

Waterstones Deansgate, Manchester

Join Ed Winters, a passionate animal activist advocating for a vegan lifestyle, as he discusses his new book How to Argue With a Meat Eater (and Win Every Time). This is Winters' second book after the provocatively titled This is Vegan Propaganda (and Other Lies the Meat Industry Tells You). You may know him from YouTube videos or his grim 2017 documentary Land of Hope and Glory, where he pulls back the slaughterhouse doors on meat industry practices on our doorsteps here in the UK. Winters creates a calm and open space to debate, disagree and listen to each other. In this new book, he shows how to be a strong debater and equips you with all the knowledge and comebacks you'll need to be convincing in your arguments. At this event, Winters will talk about his work, answer audience questions and sign books at the end. This vegan educator is hugely informed and articulate on the subject, so be sure to have your facts straight before challenging him! Tickets are available here.

Laura Adlington and Lauren Smith of Go Love Yourself

10 January, 6:30 p.m.

Waterstones Piccadilly, London

Waterstones Piccadilly invites Laura Adlington to be interviewed by Lauren Smith on a live podcast. Laura will be interviewed about her views on body positivity and our culture's impact on our own body self-reflection and self-love. The conversation will revolve around Laura's book Diet Starts Monday. In the book, Laura explores the toxicity involved in our diet culture and dives deep into what we should actually strive for when looking for self-worth, love and acceptance. This live podcast will be an enriching experience for a promising start to the New Year. For more information or tickets for the event, click here.

An Evening with Ella Mills, founder of Deliciously Ella

11 January, 7:30 p.m.

Conway Hall, London

Join Ella Mills, bestselling food writer and founder of Deliciously Ella, for an event celebrating her new book, Healthy Made Simple. As the title suggests, Mills endeavours to make healthy living as easy and accessible as possible with seventy-five brand-new recipes that will help you take baby steps towards a healthier diet. She understands that we do not all have the time or energy to spend hours every day making meals that are tasty and good for us. What's relieving is that we don't have to. Mills provides us with the methods and ingredients to make healthy eating a habit that we incorporate into our lives with the least amount of stress possible. In this event, Mills will be interviewed on stage about her new book, her career as an entrepreneur and her philosophies about easy, healthy eating. This will be followed by an audience Q&A and a book signing, so make sure to grab your ticket and book bundle here.



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