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Upskilling Tips for Publishing – Resources

By Tanvi Jaiswal, Misha Manani and Georgia Stack

For this feature, we are sharing different publishing resources to help you upskill. These are useful for expanding your industry knowledge, helping you to stand out in your applications and offering you tips and tricks to secure the job you want! It's great that you’re reading The Publishing Post in the first place, as the magazine is in itself one of the most helpful free resources available to those seeking to break into the industry. We will be giving you more information about useful websites, social media accounts and videos, so that you can increase your chances of success!

Useful Websites

  • Publishers Association: A great place to expand your knowledge about the industry is the Publishers Association, which is the member organisation for UK publishing. Along with other industry updates, its specific page called ‘About Publishing’ covers topics from how publishing works, job profiles and how to write a perfect CV/cover letter. Consisting of insights from professionals working within publishing, the website is of use to amateurs as well as experienced workers looking for a change!

  • The Bookseller: This is the perfect website for every publishing hopeful to get their daily updates about what is happening in the industry. The Bookseller covers publishing news not just in the UK but other countries as well, making it a universal platform of information. It also covers job vacancies and regularly updates new roles, so subscribe to their newsletter today and stay on top of every bit of news in the industry!

  • Company websites: Go and explore company websites of your preference. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of professionals still go back to the company websites for a lot of information. Be it research for an application, a contact for an editor or general updates on the upcoming list of books, company websites are the most reliable source of information you can get.

Videos and Events

  • ‘Top 10 Interview Tips’ by Ain Chiara: You may encounter more than one interview for a job, as many recruitment processes in publishing require multiple stages. As the competition increases, HR needs to figure out how to narrow the number of candidates efficiently. Ain shares her most useful tips for putting your best foot forward in a publishing interview and giving a good impression. She also includes advice on questions and how you can prepare for them.

  • ‘SYP How to Get into Publishing’ and ‘Getting Ahead’: The Society of Young Publishers sometimes adds the recordings of their webinars to their YouTube channel. These involve different panellists in publishing who discuss their journey and share their advice and top tips. They are followed by a live Q&A at the end for attendees.

Social Media Accounts to Follow


  • @ainchiara: Ain is an ex-employee from Penguin Random House who makes helpful videos on everything to do with the publishing world, but especially on her top advice for breaking into the industry.

  • @eleanormrosee: Eleanor is an ex-Bloomsbury employee and currently works for Bonnier Books. She has made TikToks including ‘A Day in the Life of Working in Publishing’ and often posts updates of what she is up to, such as conventions and conferences, for example. She also has a YouTube channel where she makes more in-depth, detailed videos.

  • Publishers: Following the bigger publishing houses on TikTok, such as Penguin and Harper Collins, is also super useful as they often post their personal tips and tricks for success.


  • @publishers.pending: This page is run by aspiring publishers to help others in the industry. Its posts focus on book reviews, industry tips and updates, and sharing their routes into publishing.

  • @bookmachine: This account regularly posts updates on its online courses available to those wishing to upskill. It also shares job postings and useful links to blog posts, audio sessions and videos.


  • @SYP_UK: The Society of Young Publishers is a great account to follow. They host events such as book clubs and career talks, with networking opportunities as well.


  • Publishing Hopefuls: This Facebook group is made up of hopefuls who regularly post about job postings, their own experiences in the industry and events.

Thanks for reading Issue 52! Join us again for Issue 53, where we will be covering Upskilling Tips for Virtual Networking.



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