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You May Just Love These New Releases

By Charlotte Horsfield, Caitíe Woolridge, Rebecca Weigler and Steph Carroll

It seems like May is the new February this year, with plenty of new romance novels expected to hit the shelves over the next few weeks. We’re sure you’re going to love these new releases.

The Honeymoon Affair by Sheila O’Flanagan

9 May, Headline Publishing Group

The perfect read to enjoy on a long spring evening that will transport readers to the exotic shores of the Caribbean comes with Sheila O’Flanagan’s latest feel-good romance The Honeymoon Affair. Our heroine, Izzy, attempts to find herself again on a lonely holiday to the Caribbean that marks a honeymoon trip that never came to be. Izzy attempts to enjoy the sights and sounds of the islands, though soon finds herself drawn to the mysterious and exciting male writer Charles Miller against her better judgement (that tells her she should remain single).

Charles appears to be everything in a partner that Izzy wants and needs, and their relationship is going perfectly until she discovers the existence of his ex-wife, Ariel. The relationship changes forever for Izzy and Charles when they have to leave the warm Caribbean shores and return to face real life and all of its problems back in Ireland, where Izzy cannot escape Ariel’s noticeable presence in Charles’s work. Izzy finds herself admiring Ariel’s beautiful looks, her ease of communicating with other people and, most unforgettably, her boundless connection with her ex-husband. Ariel is keen to reclaim her marriage and Charles’s affections, but will Charles choose Izzy this time around or will he leave her heart broken beyond repair this spring? 

Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea by Rebecca Thorne

9 May, Tor Publishing 

Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea is a sapphic cosy fantasy and an ode to those who dream of running away with the love of their life to open a bookshop… 

Kianthe and Reyna are living the high-stakes lifestyle. Kianthe is a powerful mage being pulled in all directions and Reyna is the wholly unappreciated bodyguard to a hateful queen. 

After a shockingly too close for comfort near-death experience working for the queen, Reyna decides it’s time for a fresh start. The couple is set on retiring from danger and opening up the tearoom-come-bookshop that Kianthe has always spoken about. As the two women set up shop in Tawney, they find themselves surrounded by dragons and receiving a warm welcome in the community. 

But swapping spells and swords for books and tea isn’t easy, and their past soon proves unwilling to let them go. Kianthe and Reyna find their bookshop and life together threatened by murderous dragons and a raging queen. To secure the future of their dreams, the two women must overcome all obstacles through love and courage.

The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren

14 May, Simon and Schuster

The masters of the romcom are back with another exciting and swoon-worthy romance.

When Anna and Liam went their separate ways after UCLA graduation, so too did their marriage of convenience, plastered on for the public eye and so that they could both benefit financially for the duration of their programme.

With divorce papers having been apparently signed, ties were cut for good and Anna went on to become an artist living paycheck to paycheck, and Liam went on to become a Stanford professor – much to the delight of his high-profile and business-minded family. Liam, wanting to pursue a life away from his family’s business, needs to access his inheritance, but due to a rule put in place by his grandfather’s will, Liam must be happily married for five years to prove he is ready to take it all.

Returning to the fake dating world, Liam and Anna team up once again to get the inheritance. But will love prove more powerful than money in the end?

The Dixon Rule by Elle Kennedy

14 May, Little, Brown Book Group UK

The Dixon Rule is book two in the Campus Diaries series, the steamy spin-off series from bestselling series Off-Campus and Briar U written by New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal author Elle Kennedy.

In this spicy enemies-to-lovers/fake dating story, we meet Diana, a cheerleader juggling two jobs with rehearsals for a ballroom dance competition, whilst simultaneously dealing with an ex that just won’t take a hint, and hockey player Shane, who appears to have taken on the challenge of sleeping with as many of the cheerleaders on Diana’s squad as he can. The two come to odds when Shane moves into the same apartment building as Diana… but enemies don’t always stay enemies. 

Despite his womanising ways, Shane wants a relationship, not just a string of meaningless hook-ups. To make his ex jealous when she makes a reappearance in his life, he pretends to have a girlfriend – and he can’t think of anyone better than Diana to fill the role. Diana is reluctant, but considering her problems with her own ex, she agrees. However, she soon realises that their chemistry might just be something real after all, something she didn’t expect. 

Get ready for another sizzling romance from Elle Kennedy that will be a perfect summer read. Buckle yourself in for steamy chemistry, banter and fan-favourite romance tropes that will have you swooning.



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