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Anticipated Back to School Page Turners

By Charlotte Barber, Ekta Rajagopalan and Georgia Wells

The American Roommate Experiment by Elena Armas

6 September, Simon & Schuster UK

Following the success of The Spanish Love Deception, Elena Armas is back with another anticipated read: The American Roommate Experiment, which follows Rosie as she pursues her goal of becoming a romance writer.

After quitting her job to focus solely on writing, Rosie is struggling with a terrible writer’s block. On top of the stress of writing the next bestseller, the roof of her New York apartment has crumbled, leaving her no other choice but to use her friend Lina’s apartment whilst she is out of town. What Rosie wasn’t expecting, however, was the apartment already lent out to Lucas, Lina’s cousin who Rosie had been harbouring a crush on for some time.

Determined to come to her rescue, Lucas lets her stay with him whilst she looks for temporary housing and to help combat her writer's block. He offers to help her meet her approaching deadline by taking her on a series of dates, ones that should provide all the romantic inspiration needed for her work. But Lucas’s time in New York comes with an expiration date, and Rosie is starting to wonder if six weeks will be enough time for both her work and her feelings.

Undoctored: The Story of a Medic Who Ran Out of Patients by Adam Kay

15 September, Orion Publishing

After the success of This is Going to Hurt, translated into thirty-seven languages and adapted into a major BBC television series, Adam Kay returns with Undoctored. It is the story of a doctor who hangs up his scrubs but the world of medicine follows him.

Thought to be painfully powerful and rib-crackingly funny, Adam Kay revisits his past profession and manages to open old wounds. From hospital to personal admissions, from opening to stitching wounds, Adam Kay ensures he makes everyone stick with him through this journey. Shattered and emotionally wounded from his time working for the NHS, Adam Kay moves forward whilst thinking back to his time on the frontline.

It's about opening old wounds and examining the present-day scars. It's about blowing up your life and stitching it back together. It's about being a doctor and being a patient.

The Bullet that Missed by Richard Osman

15 September, Penguin Books

This September Richard Osman returns with his third instalment of The Thursday Murder Club series, the new addition titled The Bullet that Missed.

Just another average Thursday for your average person, however things are never average for The Thursday Murder Club: the self-titled team of four retirees who are determined to prove that fighting crime has no age limit!

A decade-old cold case is rediscovered, however they are left knowing there has been a murder but with no body and no answers. Elizabeth is paid a visit by an unwelcome acquaintance leaving her in the vulnerable position knowing that she can either kill or be killed. As the cold case heats up, Elizabeth struggles to decide what to do next. Meanwhile Ron, Ibrahim and Joyce are running around town searching for clues. Will Elizabeth escape the threat on her life? And can the gang solve this new mystery?

Described to be "as gripping as it is funny" by Evening Standard, Osman’s newest installation of The Thursday Murder Club series is one not to be missed at the beginning of the new academic season.

The Creeper by A M Shine

15 September, Head of Zeus

The Creeper lurks in the shadows, unseen but threatening. And as long as the tales live on, so does he.

In an isolated village lost within rural Ireland lives a collection of people too afraid to leave their houses after sundown, each night locking the doors and hiding away. It has no history, no stories. Nobody talks – except for one little girl. She tells tales to newcomers to ensure that they have no intentions of returning. Tales of the nameless fear that stalks the streets. Tales of The Creeper.

Fascinated by the peculiar behaviour of the town, renowned academic Dr Sparling visits the town to attempt to understand what exactly is going on. Historical researchers Ben and Chloe cannot believe their luck that they have been chosen to join Dr Sparling on his investigation, that is until they discover the reason behind the town’s lack of visitors. That night, they catch sight of a sinister figure watching them. The nameless fear in the night. The Creeper. And each night he ventures closer and closer to the researchers.

The Creeper is the second full-length novel to be published by one of the most highly anticipated emerging authors on the horror scene in Ireland. A. M. Shine’s writing demonstrates his masterful control over fear and suspense in his new horror novel.


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