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Society of Young Publishers' Mentorship Scheme is back for 2022

By Natalia Alvarez

We couldn't be more excited that the Society of Young Publishers (SYP) have officially launched their mentorship programme for the third year running. This will be a great opportunity for anyone based in the UK or Ireland who is interested in making connections within the publishing community. For those in Scotland, there will be a separate scheme which will run later in the year.

The SYP mentorship scheme first began in 2019, aiming to make publishing more accessible to publishing hopefuls in addition to those in entry and junior level positions by providing personalised support from successful publishing professionals over the course of six months. Applications are open from 23 May to 12 June, with the successful applicants beginning the programme in August and running until the end of January 2023.

This year's mentorship scheme will include three separate strands:

"Intro: for those who are looking to secure their first role in the publishing industry.

Ahead: for those who are working within the industry and want to advance their career.

Launch: for those looking to freelance, start their own company, or progress in the publishing industry in a different way than in the traditional in-house options."

One of the magazine's contributors, Charlotte Brook, has previously taken part in the programme and spoke candidly with us about her experience. She describes being paired with her mentor based on her application and personal goals stating, “My mentor put in so much time to read through my cover letters and find job opportunities and resources for me. I felt we were so well-suited and she really helped lead me in the right direction.” Charlotte has since joined a business publisher in London and greatly recommends the SYP Mentorship Scheme.

While this is only the third year for the SYP’s Mentorship Scheme, the organisation has been working since it first began in 1949 to bring aid to those looking to get into the publishing field. Their support extends to not only entry-level professionals, but those within the first ten years of their careers. Much like those of us here at The Publishing Post, SYP is a strictly volunteer-based organisation and while aid is generally given to members, the mentorship programme is open to both members and non-members alike.

For more information regarding SYP or their mentorship programme, you can visit the SYP web site for access to the application portal and other ways to get ahead in the publishing industry.



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