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Spotlight On: Flying Eye Books

By Holly Allwright, Ekta Rajagopalan and Emma Rogers


Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Usborne – most are probably already familiar with many of the big publishers in children’s literature. Still, many great indie publishers are also out there, including Flying Eye Books.

Flying Eye Books is an imprint of Nobrow, a small publishing house based in London. Nobrow was created in 2008 by friends Sam Arthur and Alex Spiro to bring fresh, younger talent to wider audiences. Environmental consciousness and groundbreaking art are central to their values.

Nobrow established its children’s imprint, Flying Eye Books (FEB), in 2013. Its slogan, “Flying Eye Books will take your eyes on a journey of wonder”, reiterates its goal to produce books that pay attention to small details in design. Since then, FEB has produced many award-winning books, including the New York Times Best Illustrated Book of 2014, Shakleton’s Journey, and it shows no signs of slowing down with many exciting upcoming releases.


One Day on Our Prehistoric Planet by Ella Bailey

Written and illustrated by Ella Bailey, this picture book follows the journey of a little dinosaur as she ventures out from the safety of the forest to the plains in search of a herd to join. Set in the Prehistoric era, we accompany her as she samples tasty plants and meets different kinds of dinosaurs, both friendly and fierce! Ella Bailey is also the writer and illustrator of the One Day on Our Blue Planet series, which follows the adventures of different animals, such as lion cubs, penguins, and dolphins that dwell on our beautiful planet. One Day on Our Prehistoric Planet is playful and engaging, perfect for three- to five-year-olds and will be released on 2 May 2024.


The Adventures of Team Pom by Isabel Roxas

This graphic novel series for young readers by Filipino author Isabel Roxas follows a trio of synchronised swimmers, Agnes, Roberta and Ruby, as they form their own team and become determined to break out of their streak of last-place finishes. There are currently two instalments in this series that follow the team as they juggle practice, socialising, and their pet pigeons. In the first book, Squid Happens, the trio discover a lonely squid in their pool, which sparks their hopes of using it as a secret weapon for success in their new endeavour. In the second instalment, The Last Dodo, the team return for an adventure across NYC as they attempt to unravel mysteries in the Natural History Museum. The Adventures of Team Pom is a light-hearted and inclusive graphic novel series, perfect for those young readers seeking the thrill of adventure.


Monster Support Group: The Werewolf’s Curse, The Mummy’s Curse and The Creature’s Origin by Laura Suárez

Old or young, we’re all terrified of monsters. We have known them in cinema, television and, of course, literature, but what if these creatures aren’t as scary as they first appear? Written and illustrated by Laura Suárez, this series is witty, warm and just spooky enough to delight its readers. The first book, The Werewolf’s Curse, is about a twelve-year-old named Lowell who moves to a new village. He struggles to fit in at school, but then new changes happen to him; his voice becomes deeper, and he becomes increasingly hairier! Surprise, surprise, he transforms under the full moon into a werewolf and ends up joining a “Monster Support Group” for moral support. The second book, The Mummy’s Curse, is about Egypt's most stubborn pharaoh, Anatiti. She has quite an ego and refuses to listen to her advisors. But then tragedy strikes; she becomes cursed. After being stuck in a tomb for thousands of years and then taken off by an explorer, will she finally learn to listen? The third book, The Creature’s Origin, follows the journey of Frederick the Monster, which will be published in October 2024.


The Bones of Me by Kel Duckhouse

Published in 2022, The Bones of Me is a young adult novel set against the backdrop of East London. Molly has a dream of being a boxer like her older brother, that is, until Denny goes missing. While her parents work hard to keep the bailiffs from knocking, Molly and her friend, Kwaku, take matters into their own hands and begin their search for Denny before the police find him first. This is a novel in verse, which is what makes it unique and has earned Flying Eye Books several award nominations, including at The Sheffield Book Awards and The Hampshire Book Awards.


Flying Eye Books offers a wide variety of books that educate children of all ages about the world around them. The eye-catching illustrations are sure to keep them engaged. Whether you are a parent, teacher or somebody interested in children’s publishing, they are definitely a fantastic publisher to follow.




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